Elena Lagun

Switzerland / Belarus

Elena Lagun has built up a steadily growing clientele in her adopted home of Zurich and is already a long-time participant in the art fair there.
The artist creates realistic portraits with pastel, figurative sceneries and abstraction with oil, minimalism with charcoal and landscapes in encaustic. With Encaustic (hot wax painting) Elena Lagun acquired the oldest painting technique in the world, in which hot wax and soft pigments are used as a medium.

«In my artistic work, I strive to reflect the feelings and emotions I am experiencing at that moment, not limiting myself to a single theme or theory. With my artworks I try to convey to the viewer the beauty and power of nature, of human beings and of the world around them in detail, in reflection, in movement or in silent static.
Having studied all known painting techniques from watercolour to oil painting and refining them through experimentation with art materials such as cold wax, I choose the subjects and styles of my art work depending on specific projects, this can be in figurative to abstract style.» - Elena Lagun