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Taeko Tsunoda

Japanese artist Taeko Tsunoda's paintings are unique and versatile, combining elements of realism and abstraction. Through this mix of styles, she conveys a wide range of emotions and moods, making her work appealing to a wide audience.
Her ability to navigate between realism and abstraction allows the artist to accurately capture recognisable themes while experimenting with form, colour and composition to evoke more subjective and emotional responses. This stylistic duality adds depth and complexity to the work, offering the viewer multiple entry points to engage with the art on different levels.
Artists who manage to reconcile these opposing approaches often create a dynamic and intriguing visual experience that allows the viewer to grasp both the technical aspects of the work and the emotional connections it evokes. The fact that Taeko Tsunoda's work is known for this quality contributes to her reputation and popularity in the art world.

Taeko Tsunoda was born in Tokyo and studied at Tama Art University. She is a member of the Japan Artists Federation and president of the 21 Art Association. Tsunoda has won numerous exhibition awards and has participated in many exhibitions worldwide, including Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Smart Ship Gallery was established in Tokyo in 2011. Smart Ship presents works by contemporary artists from around the world, with the guiding principle that individual dignity and identity can be built and communicated through art. Smart Ship stands for the promotion of creative thinking. Ship, the ship, has traditionally connected not only trade but also art, culture and social life of Japan with the world. Smart Ship makes extraordinary creations from around the world accessible to the public in order to promote cultural and social creativity with the help of a consciously lived intellect.

Smart Ship's philosophy is that art should be more integrated into society. Throughout the ages, art has been created by human beings; its significance lies in the unique human expression that reflects social realities. Smart Ship believes that the interest and demand for art is rooted in elemental humanity, in the longing to understand oneself, to fill oneself with life and to share it with future generations.

Taeko Tsunoda

Taeko Tsunoda: MUNEODORU / India ink, mineral paint on Japanese paper, 18,5 x 34 cm, 2021

Taeko Tsunoda

Taeko Tsunoda: RUFU / India ink, mineral paint on Japanese paper, 21,5 x 34 cm, 2021