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SHOWROOM, based in Zurich, Switzerland, aims to promote emerging and independent artists, designers and manufactures from all over the world and to create a setting that supports creativity whether manifested in the form of art, lifestyle objects, or new ideas. SHOWROOM offers visitors the opportunity to find the right objects to make their surroundings unique and attractive.

Portrait Hanna Klopotowska

Hanna Klopotowska is a graduate of both the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz as well as Nottingham Trent University in the UK, where she received her Executive M.B.A.

Klopotowska's artworks are primarily composed of pop-art inspired female portraits and face close-ups.
These show an idealized version of the contemporary woman, deftly performing a sophisticated study of a 21st century female archetype. While on the surface, the artist seems to paint only beautiful faces, underneath lies an insight into a woman's psyche and the various moods, expectations, worries, and fears she faces in today's day and age. Klopotowska uses various techniques including oil, acrylic, pastel, in addition to her white charcoal and pencil drawings. Her real hallmark, however, is her use of electrifying colours and coloured chiaroscuro that juxtaposes cold and warm tones.

The Polish tradition of colourism is one of her creative inspirations, in particular the achievements of artists for whom colour was not only a painting material, but also a subject of the art itself. As we discover more historical biographies of female artists long kept in the shadow of the male counterparts of their times, the cultural dialogue is shifting its attention toward the artistic creativity of women and their representation of art. Klopotowska's large-format artworks play a major role in this trend as she depicts extraordinary women entering bold relationships with the world.

« Communing with the painterly reality opens the sensitivity and understanding of the world of emotions, which is cleansing and edifying–not only for the creator, but also for the viewer. I believe in the attractive power of visual positive messages. By taking care of the form and using pure, vivid colours, I want to strengthen this message and charm the soul. The passion to create gives me a feeling of happiness and builds the space in which I live. This is what I want to share as widely as possible. » (Hanna Klopotowska)

Portrait of Frantisek Jungvirt, photo by Katarina Hudaccinova

Frantisek Jungvirt is a young artist who specialized in working with glass. Jungvirt is a glass designer and painter based in Prague.

After graduating from the Trebon Secondary Art School, Frantisek continued to develop his talents and passion for glass while working for international studios as well as world-famous luxury glass brands such as Moser and Preciosa.

Today, Frantisek's engagements involve a variety of projects ranging from art direction to glass design. Whether designing everyday products, gallery pieces, or site-specific artworks, he's constantly working on perfecting his unique style as an artist. Strongly rooted in the most classic techniques of Czech glassmaking, Frantisek brings a new perspective and contemporary trends to his work that aim to push the technical and visual boundaries of glassmaking.

With multiple exhibitions and awards on his resume, Frantisek Jungvirt is also making the time to be an active member of artist's platforms including the Michelangelo Foundation and Northlands Creative.

« I like to move between design and fine art in my work. While glass is an exceptional material full of possibilities, it takes love, humility, and patience to work with it. Transforming ideas into emotions is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility–one must be innovative while still honouring traditional glassmaking technics. I've learned to take my time when creating. I research, try, sketch, model, and remodel countless times before I arrive at a result that I am truly happy with. While skill is always necessary, integrity is truly key in the process. » (Frantisek Jungvirt)


Hanna Klopotowska: Looking back - Looking forward / Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2021 / Photo by Anna Pleslová Courtesy of SHOWROOM and Company GmbH, CH-Zurich


Frantisek Jungvirt: Vase nr. 1 - TRDLIK collection / Glass (mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished, erbium pink glass with underlay color), 22 x 20 cm, 2021 / Photo by Anna Pleslová / Courtesy of SHOWROOM and Company GmbH, CH-Zurich