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In his art, Wisi deals with migraines and the feelings associated with them. In collaboration with the patient organisation MigraineAction, Wisi brings the subject of migraine to life through his art.
Wisi describes himself as an artist and a migraine sufferer. Through his creative work, he has found a way to deal with his personal experience of this challenging condition. Paradoxically, he experiences a particular creative intensity before a migraine attack. He uses these moments of inspiration to create unique works of art that are a mixture of emotions, colours and shapes that reflect his feelings during a migraine. Through his paintings, he aims to raise awareness of migraine and promote understanding for those living with this invisible challenge.
Each of his artworks tells an empathetic story that not only reflects his personal experience, but also points to the larger issue of migraine.

Emotions - Brutally honest

Wisi's artwork depicts the emotional journey of living with migraine, with the goal of not only depicting the experience, but also raising awareness and encouraging dialogue about this complex struggle. These artworks are a powerful medium to give voice to those navigating the complexities of living with migraine and to promote empathy and understanding.

The Skulls - Everything Comes from the Brain

Wisi seeks to explore the importance of the brain through the depiction of skulls, emphasizing the central role this organ plays in our emotional experience. Each skull becomes a canvas on which the intensity of pain, resistance and the invisible struggles within it are depicted.

«When you live with migraine, the head or the brain plays a central role. The source of suffering. Can you control it?»
«A struggle for dominance. Does the head win or does the man live free as a king in the prison of migraine?»