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Annie Roques


Annie Roques' artistic work is characterised by a fascinating blend of figuration and surrealism, with a particular focus on stone, especially alabaster. This choice of material gives her sculptures a special quality and expressiveness.

The diverse cultural and scenic impressions of her numerous travels throughout Europe and North Africa have strongly influenced her artistic development. This diversity is reflected in her art through the combination of different influences and perspectives. Roques continues to set herself new artistic challenges. This dedication is evident in her sculptures.
A sense of beauty and the ability to work with love and perfection are the driving forces behind Roques' artistic work. The combination of aesthetic sensibility and the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship is the key to the mastery of her art.

This white alabaster sculpture by Annie Roques depicts the tree of life (dyad) as a symbol of creation. The man on the back, the woman on the front. The aim is to highlight the transparency and luminosity of the stone (high relief).
The unique and original work invites contemplation and meditation. Its refinement reveals the beauty and complementarity of the male and female (dyad).