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Jean-François Réveillard

Switzerland / France

New nature of things

The future of art - multidimensional realities of a cross-media image-maker

Multimedia artist Jean-François Réveillard (JfR) creates visionary artworks, a series of philosophical-existentialist performances and other ambitious projects at the intersection of art and science. He uses 3D printing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create astonishing works of art. In his series, Réveillard takes us on a journey through magical worlds of art!

For his series of philosophical-existentialist performances, he created entire virtual worlds, a metaverse of avatars, video clips and mixed-reality artworks. To fuse fashion and nature in a reflection on consumption and new media, the artist also creates textile objects and sculptures using 3D printing. As a "cross media picture maker", Réveillard develops artworks that incorporate elements from different types of media. He combines digital painting, graphics, photography, video, animation, NFT and interactive (AI) elements to create a multimedia artwork that can be experienced across platforms and media (AR).

Réveillard has recognised the enormous potential of new immersive technologies to create real experiences that simulate alternative realities or expand our perception of the world around us. He explores interdisciplinary perspectives that combine art, science and philosophy, while remaining open to different interpretations and possibilities.

The concept of 'multidimensional reality' encompasses multiple interpretations and contexts. It refers to the exploration of different dimensions of existence, experiences of virtual or augmented reality, and even concepts from theoretical physics that refer to dimensions beyond our traditional three dimensions.

« Réveillard's art is an art of hope, of joy, it shows the enthusiastic side of humanity in contrast to a pessimistic view of the world. For Réveillard, art is an important social resilience against violence and ignorance. »

Jean-François Réveillard (JfR) from Paris is a graphic artist, photographer, sculptor, musician, video and installation artist. He has been using new technologies in his work since the 1980s and co-founded one of Europe's first web TV stations and a digital TV studio in 1997. Since 2002, Réveillard has lived and worked in the mountains of Engelberg (Switzerland), close to and in direct contact with the magnificent natural environment that inspires his philosophical and artistic interventions.

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