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Sara De Pasquale


The artistic output of Sara De Pasquale is characterised by a distinctive fusion of creativity, personality, and a hint of humour, which leaves the viewer with a sense of wanting more.
Her visionary approach is evident in her distinctive and imaginative style, which she employs to explore and express her creative ideas. De Pasquale currently resides and works in Zurich, where she has developed a diverse body of work that has the capacity to captivate and intrigue.
De Pasquale commenced her artistic career in 1995 with analogue photo collages that captured significant moments. Subsequently, she transitioned to acrylic painting, exploring the allure of metals, corrosion, and rust in her "Corrosion" series. This series presents the transient nature of existence in a manner that is both graceful and awe-inspiring.
De Pasquale draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of nature and the vibrant energy of urban life, with London playing a crucial role in igniting her creative fervour. Her work represents a synthesis of elements drawn from a variety of sources, including people, the environment, culture, and the ever-changing cycle of life. This synthesis is particularly evident in her "Baroque Punk" series, which combines the opulence of the Baroque style with a rebellious contemporary edge.
In her "Sculptiverse" series, De Pasquale guides the viewer on a surreal journey through a universe where sculptures come to life in unexpected ways. In contrast, the "Exquifusion" series presents a fusion of exquisite elements, in which different artistic styles are blended into harmonious compositions. The "Chomacraft" series examines the interface between chaos and graphic design, resulting in visually striking and innovative artworks.