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Monika Meier-Roth


Monika Meier-Roth's flair for colour and technique creates striking works. Her knowledge of materials and techniques flows seamlessly into her design philosophy, resulting in a wide range of expressive possibilities.

Her large-format works, created from poured layers of paint, convey depth and harmony. The spectrum of emotions addressed ranges from euphoria and joy to despair and resignation. It seems as if her work challenges the viewer to never give up, despite all the challenges.
Meier-Roth's way of working is a balancing act between precision and wild creativity. This tightrope walk in search of the perfect moment of perfection testifies to her high standards of quality and aesthetics, which she masters with ease. In this way, the artist achieves a noble overall impression that is both unpretentious and elegant. Maintaining this balance is an art in itself.
Monika Meier-Roth runs her gallery and studio KUNST T RAUM in Gossau near Zurich.

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