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Mel Matteucci


The young artist Mel Matteucci from Bern has an inexhaustible energy. Creating art is his vocation. He lives to create art, for himself and for the people who discover his works. He expresses his inner world with every stroke of his brush. His works reflect his soul, marked by intensity and passion.

Mel Matteucci is able to visualise feelings and thoughts in a way that evokes deep emotions and an inspiring effect in the viewer. In doing so, he transcends the boundaries of pure painting. His art is a dialogue between himself and the world, a constant exchange of intimate impressions, emotions and visions. His works are a living testimony to his inexhaustible creativity and his tireless quest for artistic perfection, without ever abandoning his spontaneous style. Looking at his works opens the door to new perspectives and insights. They reveal not only the colours and shapes, but also the energy and dedication that goes into each work. This makes each of his paintings a unique experience that goes beyond the visual.

Mel Matteucci is a multifaceted artist whose creative pursuits encompass drawing, painting, sculpting, and DJing. His diverse talents enable him to challenge the boundaries of artistic expression, offering viewers a profound and immersive journey into the heart of art.
As a visionary, his work transcends the limitations of traditional artistic expression, engaging audiences with his dynamic and innovative approach.