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Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon

Guadeloupe France

Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon (* 1961) is a painter from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. His triangular career (Europe-Africa-America) is a search for being, a quest and a constant questioning of the mystery of life. Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon explores the illusion of the visible world through Mesoamerican myths, Mayan cosmogony and the spirituality of Native Americans. He takes us into the realm of the subtle and unspeakable.
Technically, Akwaba Matignon works primarily in acrylic. His work consists of a layering of pictorial layers, each of which is a symbolic representation of the world. The final layer, which gives the work its final structure, is usually white or black and represents his dream figure "Kioukan" (Who? Where? When?). The indigenous theme in his work raises questions about "who we are".
The format of the works, the composition, the choice of colours and the titles are part of a process of reflection on the why of painting. The figures in the works are the result of graphic studies. Akwaba Matignon's work moves between figuration and abstraction, capturing the "invisible".

« Only the light of the heart exists
and it is the trigger of creative activity.
Rooted in itself, its activity becomes
self-consciousness and, in setting out
it is the deployment of the universe... »
- Mahārtha Mañjarī, (Kashmir, 12th century)