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Chiara Magni

Switzerland / Italy

Chiara Magni (*1988 in Italy) lives and works in Switzerland. She has developed a style of painting known as Bright Expressionism.

Known for her bold colours and textures, the artist translates her creative vision into oil on canvas. Her works are figurative, but also contain abstract and surreal elements that convey deep emotions across the boundaries of time and space.
The paintings are gateways to another dimension where the viewer can enter a world of ethereal beauty and raw emotion. The artist combines figurative elements with abstract and surreal undertones in a complex interplay of light and dark to create a captivating visual experience.

Her artistic style, which she calls Bright Expressionism, captures the full spectrum of human emotion. It celebrates both darkness and light and is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Bright Expressionism is a style in which strong emotions and vivid, often unrealistic colours meet natural subjects with tangible texture and depth.
With this blend of Impressionism and Expressionism, Magni brings emotion to life on canvas by exposing hidden layers of paint, giving her works depth and three-dimensionality.

Portrait: Chiara Magni