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LumenArt | Martina Schiffer


Martina Schiffer's art is a mirror of the zeitgeist and its aesthetic expressions. The themes include modern interpretations of mandalas as well as repetitive forms and patterns in aesthetic sequence and recurrence.

The theme of the mandala forms the timeless background; the forms symbolising eternity are both cause and effect. Mandalas, which have deep symbolic meaning in many cultures, are often seen as representations of the universe, unity or the spiritual journey. Their geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns have a timeless quality on many levels. The idea that they can be both cause and effect adds another layer of complexity, illustrating the idea that everything is connected and every action has a consequence.

With the perfection of her organic brushwork, Martina Schiffer's art has a strong geometric structure, but at the same time her organic lines create a natural playfulness. The repetition of forms is reminiscent of nature with its recurring patterns. This combination gives the works an aesthetic quality that makes them unique. The organic and simple forms flow into the works and exert a deep fascination on the viewer.
Martina Schiffer's artistic journey began in 2008 with mandalas, and since 2018 she has been working with gold leaf and metal. With the GoldArt series, Schiffer presents works made of beaten metal or gold leaf on square and round canvases.

At the centre of the image is a spiral of 23.75 carat gold leaf, a symbol of growth and fertility. Buds sprout from the centre, representing the recurring bounty of nature. The outer gilding of the hammered metal completes the organic work and visualises the natural richness of nature. (Martina Schiffer)