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Petra Lehmann


Lucerne artist Petra Lehmann creates a fascinating combination of different art forms in her work.
Her artistic process begins with pencil drawings of creatures on paper, followed by digital color manipulation and integration with her own photographic backgrounds. This intricate process gives her work a mystical and imaginative dimension, brought to life by high quality fabrics and innovative LED lighting technology.
"Harmonesie", a term coined by Petra Lehmann, describes her art as a combination of harmony and poetry. Harmony is manifested in the balanced interplay of colors and shapes, while the poetry Petra Lehmann creates creates a magical atmosphere that transports the viewer away from everyday life. Petra Lehmann is also the author of several volumes of poetry in which she presents imaginative short stories.
Petra Lehmann's works create a wonderful symphony and harmony in pictorial form and allow the viewer to enter a world of inner dreams and fantasies.