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Switzerland / Hungary

Laprokay aka Gabriella Prokai is a Hungarian painter who lives and works in Switzerland. Vibrant and profound, Laprokay's work captivates with expressive lines and a unique blend of cubism, photorealism and abstraction.

The emotional power and exceptional technique are unmistakable. Laprokay creates intricate acrylic backgrounds against which her oil on canvas subjects blossom. Distinctive and exciting, her art invites you to immerse yourself and discover. Her paintings are characterised by figures and scenes, the dominance of shapes and colours. The lines in the paintings bring the works together into an unmistakable whole, creating a homage to the beauty and diversity of the world.

About Z'nüni in the dust:
A familiar scene in a new world - construction workers, as if from memory, in a new environment. Laprokay's works combine the familiar with the unfamiliar, piquing our curiosity and inviting us to come closer. Her art is a poetic play on perception and memory, inviting us to see the world with new eyes.

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