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KML-ART | Karin Myriel Leopold


Karin Myriel Leopold was born in the Zurich Oberland region. From an early age, the artist displayed a pronounced fascination for colours, ideas, fantasies, figures and shapes.
As her artistic development progressed, she acquired the ability to work with a variety of materials and create figures with textile reinforcements. Her abstract paintings are typically created using textured pastes, acrylic paints, mixed media, ash and gold leaf. The artist meticulously shapes her sculptures using textile fibres, thereby manifesting the profound expression of her aesthetic design in numerous layers.
The experience of diverse emotions during the creative process is an essential aspect of the artistic process. Leopold permits the colours and forms to evolve freely until they reach a state of perfection. For Karin Myriel Leopold, each work represents a new discovery of the unknown. The layered surface reveals a profound and valuable meaning that is hidden from the viewer until it is revealed.

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