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Julia Kaiser

Liechtenstein / Bosnia

Julia Kaiser's work is distinguished by a versatile and experimental approach to materials and techniques. Her works result from an intense exploration of colour and form, which she skilfully combines to create apparent contrasts and hidden unities. Kaiser's sculptures and paintings exhibit remarkable power, playfulness, and vibrancy. Each work is imbued with an individual character.
She employs a variety of techniques, including the use of light and heavy accents, raw and soft materials, in order to reflect the duality of life and its inherent joy. The interplay of opposites imbues her work with an unmistakable dynamism and expressiveness.
Julia Kaiser completed her artistic training at the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, where she specialised in sculpture and painting. She subsequently relocated to Switzerland, where she furthered her knowledge of sculpture, with a particular focus on stone and metal.
Julia Kaiser has established herself as a prominent figure in the international art scene, having presented her work in numerous exhibitions in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Her oeuvre reflects her ongoing pursuit of expression and artistic innovation, and is held in high regard internationally.

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