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Charlotte Harron

Switzerland / New Zealand

Charlotte Harron is a New Zealand artist whose career has taken her from the USA to Switzerland, where she currently lives and works. Her paintings exemplify a compelling integration of colour, light, geometric forms, abstraction and design. The resulting combination creates visually arresting and thought-provoking works. Harron's motifs reveal sharp edges and a search for patterns, accompanied by dynamic shifts in colour and light.
Her abstract landscapes are characterised by a bold and often unconventional use of colour, accompanied by complex and meticulous designs. The use of rigorous techniques and derivative colour mixtures in her work serves to accentuate contour, colour and form, illustrating her relentless commitment to both conception and execution.
In her most recent works, Harron has concentrated on the geometry of landscapes and the deconstruction of elements such as water, sky and land. Her objective is to create striking visual images that translate the complexity of the natural world into recognisable forms. The resulting energy fosters a deeper connection to our environment. The transformative process allows Harron to create a connection between the natural world and artistic expression. Viewing the works thus opens up a new and meaningful approach to the environment.