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Wioletta Gancarz

Switzerland / Poland

Wioletta Gancarz (born 1976 in Poland) is an artist whose work is characterised by a high degree of vibrancy and intense colour.

Her artworks manifest the essence of aesthetically perceived joie de vivre, reflecting the beauty and joy of everyday life. Gancarz's artwork goes beyond the purely visual to convey a deeper, idealistic message. She believes that true joy is rooted in authentic being.
Her work encourages us to embrace and celebrate our own uniqueness. Wioletta Gancarz's work offers a refreshing perspective on life and the pursuit of inner happiness.
Wioletta Gancarz has her studio in Adliswil, Switzerland.

Selected exhibitions: Art International Zürich 2023 / Curatierte Ausstellung in AbegHuss Rüschlikon 2023 / The Other Art Fair 2022 / Lausanne Art Fair 2021 / Art International Zurich 2020 / Affordable Art Fair Battersea London 2020 / Affordable Art Fair Milan 2020 / Spectrum Miami Miami 2019 / …

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