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VARIATION OF NATURE by f/two artroom reber

The artistic work of ftwo is focused on abstract landscape photography. By combining different approaches and interpretations and utilising diverse materials, the artist couple endeavour to adopt a novel perspective on the phenomena present in nature.
The abstraction achieved through photographic techniques results in a distancing of the images from their depicted subjects, yet simultaneously intensifies the viewer's perception of the altered nature, which is revealed anew through an uninhibited play of colours. The examination is primarily concerned with the colours and forms of the landscape, which facilitate a shift in our perception of our environment into alternative realms.
The exhibition, entitled "Variation of Nature," presents a variety of interpretations of the elements ice/glacier, marble, sand, stone, and water. Among the exhibited items are the ice grotto of the Rhône Glacier, sand dunes from Namibia, marble from Naxos, and sea paintings from Greece and Iceland.

« We look for our motifs in nature, where the most diverse colours and shapes are hidden. Our images are real and yet not real, because we try to abstract nature through a careful selection of details and special shooting techniques. We choose our subjects together, but as individualists we each have our own point of view. In this way our images are created in a constant critical dialogue. »
- f/two
« As a team, we share a fascination for capturing nature and landscape through the medium of photography. The search for an exciting subject, staging it and capturing it with the camera is what drives us. Discovering together the shapes and colours that are hidden a million times over on our planet gives us satisfaction and inner peace. As a team we choose our subjects together, but as individualists we each have our own point of view and approach the subject in a different way. We draw inspiration and creativity from the tension created by these different approaches. Our critical dialogue is a key driver in our continuous development process. For us, photography is first and foremost the central medium for artfully translating the forms and colours of our natural world into an image. And while technology is an important part of photography, we do not use it to artificially alter a subject. Our works are emotional snapshots that make the boundless aesthetics of natural phenomena tangible and, in doing so, may also influence the viewer's gaze. »
- f/two

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