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Maura Patrizia Zoller


Maura Patrizia Zoller transports the viewer into a world of vibrant colours and intriguing shapes. In her latest series, Cirque of Colours, she combines her love of colour with a playful lightness that captivates the viewer.
Cirque of Colours is a tribute to the diversity and beauty of colour. The abstract shapes and lines of the works evoke the movements and figures of a circus. It is as if the colours themselves are putting on a performance and captivating the viewer. Each piece tells its own story and invites you to immerse yourself in the world of colour.

Maura Patrizia Zoller is an artist who pushes the boundaries of imagination with her abstract art. Her work is a feast for the senses, immersing the viewer in a world of vibrant colour. Her "Cirque of Colours" series showcases her talent for bringing colour to life and creating a unique atmosphere. The colours in Maura Patrizia Zoller's work are bright and radiate an incredible energy. She uses strong tones that complement each other in a harmonious coexistence. Each piece is a celebration of colour that appeals to the senses and creates a positive mood. From bright red to vibrant yellow to deep blue,

Maura Patrizia Zoller's palette is diverse and multifaceted. The use of gold is particularly fascinating. The precious metal adds an extra dimension to the colours and makes them shine even more intensely. Accents are set with gold and a touch of luxury is added. It is as if the colours in Maura Patrizia Zoller's works come to life and transport the viewer into a magical world.

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