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WS Art Gallery


WS Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2022 in the Swiss canton of Jura. It represents multidisciplinary artists who work with a wide range of techniques, but whose common concern is the exploration of various social or cultural phenomena.

Some of the artists choose themes that are closely related to the current social, political or emotional state of the world. This can raise awareness of certain issues. Other artists focus on more abstract aspects of life. They use their own personal experiences, emotions and thoughts as a source of creative inspiration. Abstract art can allow for a variety of interpretations and encourage the viewer to make their own meanings and connections. Overall, the diversity of approaches demonstrates how art can be used as a medium to express and explore both external realities and internal sensations.
WS Art Gallery provides a platform for contemporary art characterised by critical engagement and complexity. The artworks explore profound, multi-layered and reflective aspects of the modern art world. WS Art Gallery is a place where art is presented not only for purely aesthetic contemplation, but also to provoke thought, stimulate discussion and focus on the diversity and complexity of the contemporary art scene.

WS Art will be presenting the following artists at ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2023:
Philippe Delenseigne is a French sculptor and painter specialising in marble. His themes of duality in space are a mirror of our own reflection. Vanessa Garner is a young French artist for whom the concept of mixing our world is the engine of her creativity. Patrick Lang and Alessandro Montalbano are renowned sculptors who show a technical vision of sculpture at a high level. Gustavo Viani is one of the most promising young painters.