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Chris van Weidmann

Switzerland / Germany

Chris van Weidmann's calligrams are executed with great care and attention to detail and are stunning masterpieces.
Seen from a distance, it is a seductive image. On closer inspection, however, it is the artist's unique signature that brings them to life. Her works tell stories of everyday life in a wonderful way.
Chris van Weidmann combines her handwritten calligraphy with her view of the world, expressed through words in subtle images of nature. In this way, image and narrative merge into calligrams.

Born in 1980, Chris van Weidmann is originally from Germany and now lives in Chur. She is fascinated by the breathtaking nature of her adopted country, Switzerland, and the warm and open nature of the people of Graubünden. As a child she discovered her passion, which has now become her profession. She is able to combine text and image in a profound way and to touch people's hearts with her handwriting. Simple things that everyone knows suddenly take on a new value.
In 2015 Chris had her first exhibition and since then she has been able to show her unique art in over 40 national and international venues.

«I wish that people would take their time and learn to look again and understand that many things are only visible at second glance.»
- Chris van Weidmann

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