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Switzerland / China

TSUNSHAN 進珊 is a Chinese-Swiss artist who was born and raised in Hong Kong in 1956. He studied art and design in Hong Kong from 1974 to 1978 and then moved to London where he graduated in 1981.
During this time he earned his living as a street painter. In 1981/1982 he was awarded the Anna K. Meredith Scholarship to study painting and sculpture in Florence. He then moved to Milan, where he worked as an artist and designer.
Since 1988 he lives and works in Switzerland as a graphic designer and artist. His works have been exhibited in various galleries and art museums in Europe.

« In my paintings I navigate both the expected and the unexpected. Often I have no idea what the next gesture will bring, and somehow I have to clear my mind before I begin to paint. Water, oil, paint, sand, pigment... sometimes I try to control how they move, like dancing with a familiar partner, but I can't always do that and have to let them go the way they want to - even if it's not the way I expected! It is a principle of nature.
I approach my work with an open mind, without a predetermined message, trusting that the meaning will emerge through the intuitive process. The painting is a result of the feelings that arise in me and in the viewer. I've often been asked to explain the meaning of my paintings and each time my answer has been at the bottom of the work: "Untitled".
For me, the content of my paintings is very mobile and constantly changing. I am always surprised to discover new and unexpected images in my work and I hope that my audience will have the same experience.»

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