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Theiler Art Gallery


The Theiler Art Gallery (Brienz, Switzerland) specialises in contemporary art, particularly stone sculptures and paintings by the Shona people of Zimbabwe.
Jean and Franz Theiler have been supporting and presenting African artists for many years, with the aim of bringing different cultures closer together.

The Shona sculpture is named after Zimbabwe's most populous tribe, the Shona; another important tribe is the Ndebele. 20th century African art has had a lasting influence on European modernism. Zimbabwean stone sculpture is a truly African art movement that has gained worldwide recognition.
Shona sculpture is represented as a distinct art form in the world's major museums.

Theiler Art is exhibiting several of the gallery's Shona sculptors at the fair, including Colleen Madamombe, Henry Munyaradzi, Tafadzewa Gwetai and Paulo Akiiki.

Gallery artists:
Leo Berekayi
Lovemore Bonjisi
Witness Bonjisi
Edward Chiwawa
Peter Kananji
Colleen Madamombe
Bernard Matemera
Shingirai Matemera
Mike Masedza
Nicholas Mukomberanwa
Henry Munyaradzi
Brighton Sango

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