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Haiting Tang

Switzerland / China

Haiting Tang's paintings are characterised by a vibrant palette, often containing expressive contrasts and harmonious transitions. Through the use of abstract shapes and lines, she creates a dynamic composition that draws the viewer into her work.
A striking feature of Tang's art is her use of symbols. She often incorporates symbols and metaphorical elements into her abstract landscapes to convey certain emotions or concepts. These symbols have personal meanings and relate to universal themes and experiences.
The combination of acrylic paint and ink allows Tang to create different textures and effects. She can apply transparent layers to create depth and dimension, while playing with the intensity and vibrancy of colour.
Overall, Haiting Tang's art is characterised by a strong expressiveness and deep meaning. Her abstract landscapes invite the viewer to embark on an emotional journey and discover new perspectives through the variety of symbols and colours.
Haiting Tang was born in Inner Mongolia in 1974. Although her parents were originally from Shanghai, they were relocated to Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. Haiting spent all of her schooling there. She studied at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts while completing a master's degree at the Beijing Fashion Institute. Since 1998, she has been a lecturer at the School of Art, Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Haiting Tang has also been a visiting scholar at the Centre Academy of Fine Arts, where she researched the art of China's Han and Tang dynasties. This interest in Chinese art history is reflected in her own artistic work. For more than 20 years, she worked at Tianjin University as an associate professor and directed master's programmes. In 2018, she decided to move to Switzerland, where she can fully concentrate on her artistic career. This move allows her to further develop her artistic skills and present her works to an international audience.
The experiences and influences of her childhood, her academic background and her intensive study of Chinese art history have certainly shaped and influenced Haiting Tang's artistic work.

« I was an Ancient Professor at Art department of University in Tianjin China. All art works it reflected what I had envisioned exactly in my mind. I paint as if accidental traces were purposefully arranged. My art works express the heighten state of consciousness in my image »
- Haiting Tang