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Stelios Stylianou

Switzerland / Greece

Stelios Stylianou was born in 1948 in Cyprus. He has been living and working as a designer and artist in Switzerland since 1980. He studied at art academies in England and Switzerland.

His drawings and paintings draw on a broad repertoire of classical modernism, which he plays with and transforms with subtle irony. Geometric forms meet ornament, the light of Mediterranean landscapes meets spontaneous imagery.

In addition to watercolours, acrylics and drawings, Stylianou also produces digigraphs (lightfast inkjet prints with pigmented inks on special paper). These are a self-created combination of etching, lithography and computer technology. These reduced works on paper are of an almost metaphysical clarity in form and colour. For the millennium year 2000, he created the "Journal of 366 Images", one image for each day. His work also includes small-format bronzes, reliefs in flat form or as iconographic female figures, and profile views of heads in ancient to modern forms with archaic Greek-Hellenistic expression.