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Smart Ship Gallery


Smart Ship Gallery was established in Tokyo in 2011. Since then, Smart Ship has continuously enriched Art International Zurich with its global view of the creative zeitgeist.
Smart Ship presents international works by contemporary artists under the principle that individual dignity and identity can be constructed and communicated through art.
Smart stands for the promotion of creative thinking. Ship has always connected not only commerce but also Japan's art, culture and social life with the world. Smart Ship brings exceptional creations from around the world to the public to promote cultural and social creativity through a conscious and vibrant mind. The guiding principle is that art is closely related to society and reflects social realities.

Smart Ship presents the following artists at the 25th ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH:
Keiko Ito, IZUMI, Michito Kaihara, Tomohiro Mae, Kazuhiko Miyamoto, Sumiko Okubo, Tamie Sasaki, Akiko Takashima and Taeko Tsunoda.

Smart Ship aims to send high quality and individual Japanese art to the world, while bringing foreign artworks to Japan to promote cultural exchange. In doing so, the gallery is aware of the importance of contemporary art and the role of artists in society. After all, art has the ability to enrich people, make them think and broaden their horizons.
However, the promotion of traditional Japanese techniques and expressions remains an important task to preserve cultural heritage while allowing for innovation and contemporary interpretations.
The exchange of artistic works and ideas between different countries and cultures can open up new perspectives and enrich the diversity of human expression. Promoting a society in which people trust their individuality and engage with others creates a basis for empathy, tolerance and mutual understanding.
Smart Ship stands for a society that understands the importance of art and artistic expression. Its commitment to supporting artists results in a diverse and inspiring cultural landscape that has an impact both locally and globally.

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