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Mansi Shah

Switzerland / India

Mansi Shah is an emerging abstract artist. Having lived and worked in Mumbai and Singapore, she is now based in Zug, Switzerland.
Mansi Shah creates artworks with a deep connection between her and the canvas. With a bachelor's degree in Textile and Fashion Designing, she is conscious of complementary colours and contrasts in her paintings.

Her collection 'Ideas' interprets an eruption of a million ideas to discover, create and realise. It is when the ideas meet the reality that you see the magic. Mansi Shah's paintings are an infusion of depth and emotion. Her work is defined by the rhythmic use of colour, energetic contrasts and vibrant splashes of colour.
Through her art, she invites the viewer to pause, to reflect and to reconnect with the profound beauty that is all around us.

« To be an artist is to believe in life. »
- Mansi Shah