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Sven Rusti


French artist Sven Rusti specialises in light sculptures.
His favourite material is aluminium. All his works are handmade in his studio in Alsace.
Rusti is mainly inspired by nature. In Zurich he shows creations inspired by the animal world. The artist also makes functional sculptures in limited editions, such as the 'Champign-On' coffee table.

Sven Rusti has been a passionate draughtsman and craftsman since childhood. After training as an electrical engineer, he studied at the MJM Graphique Design art school in Strasbourg, where he graduated with a diploma in interior design.
Always fascinated by large volumes, design and geometric shapes, Rusti sought a way to express his exuberant creativity.
He creates large creations with clear, airy lines that inspire wonder. The objects are made of powder-coated aluminium or steel, often combined with wood, in small series of 10 pieces.