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Alexandre Plattet


Swiss artist Alexandre Plattet is known for his nature photography, which for him is always a moment of contemplation and wonder. He tries to capture these experiences in other ways, sometimes through abstract photography. Water often serves as a creative medium for him, as it offers endless possibilities to create something extraordinary that goes beyond the ordinary. Every picture Plattet takes of nature is a moment of wonder and an encounter between man and his creative power.
Alexandre Plattet's photographs straddle the line between painting and photography, and are perhaps so remarkable for that very reason. Through his unique approach and creative use of the medium of water, he creates images that amaze the viewer and open up new perspectives on nature. His work invites us to discover the beauty and artistic possibilities of the world around us.

Alexandre Plattet was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 1972 and lives in Villars-sur-Glâne on the outskirts of Fribourg. During his more than twenty-year career as a photographer, he has had the opportunity to participate in solo and group exhibitions in various places and occasions around the world, such as Montreux, New York and Paris at the Louvre Museum complex. Some of his photographs have also been published in various international art books. Alexandre Plattet has been awarded several international art prizes, including the Melenao Award 2022 and the Leonardo Da Vinci Award 2023 in Italy.

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