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NBCH - Nicole Bron Chappuis


Nicole Bron Chappuis (NBCH) lives and works in Switzerland. For more than 20 years, NBCH has been exploring the dialogue between sand textures from all over the world and their colours in various forms. The artist mixes them with acrylic paints and transforms them into lace, bark or leaves that take on new meaning in their new form. Her unique technique combines natural sand, slight curves and fine splashes in a constant graphic and abstract search.
In her series as diverse as Mille-Feuilles, JynokaÏ, Kokines or Calligraphy, she always seeks a balance between the precision of the gesture and the madness of the colours. Both combine to create a unique interpretation of the world, where clarity and lightness go hand in hand.
Always in search of new forms of expression, NBCH also designs and makes unique pieces of furniture.
Her work has been exhibited all over the world, from San Francisco to Beijing, as well as in many European countries.