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Monika Meier-Roth


Monika Meier-Roth grew up in the Zurich Oberland and has been pursuing her passion for abstract painting for over 20 years. She combines her own design philosophy with a sound knowledge of materials and techniques. For Meier-Roth, the possibilities of expression are inexhaustible. Large-format works are created with great passion from poured layers of paint and texture paste.
The viewer's gaze is lost in the depth and pure harmony of these emotional worlds. From euphoria and joy to despair and even resignation, these paintings seem to ask us to never give up.
The paintings fascinate by the interplay of colours and techniques, between the exact, straightforward and the wildly creative. The noble overall impression is never clouded, it is unpretentious and elegant. As different as the works are, they seem contemporary in their celebration of diversity. What is striking is the tightrope the artist walks in search of the right moment, the perfect moment of perfection. Only to stand in front of an empty canvas again and start something new, not knowing where the artistic (dream) journey will lead.
Monika Meier-Roth runs her gallery KUNST T RAUM with studio in Gossau near Zurich.

« Un original pour chacun »
- Monika Meier-Roth

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