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Taras Loboda

Czech Republic / Ukraine

Taras Loboda was born in 1961 into a prominent family of artists in Ukraine. Taras Loboda graduated from the Academy of Arts in Kiev in 1985 and trained at the renowned Atelier Zaretzky. He has lived in Prague (Czech Republic) since 1997, where he runs a gallery in the heart of the city.

Loboda paints thematic compositions, portraits, landscapes and still lifes, persistently and purposefully developing three main motifs: portraits and nudes, the austere classical still life and the fantastic landscape.

The paintings, some of which are large in format, fascinate and captivate with their mysteriousness. Taras Loboda is an outstanding draughtsman and painter with a rich imagination and a strong sense of the decorative, who knows how to look behind the fa├žade of things.
His accomplished still lifes also possess a high degree of illusion and a magical aura. Here the artist literally casts a spell on the viewer, taking him or her out of their everyday surroundings.
Taras Loboda has exhibited his work in galleries in the UK, Sweden, Slovakia, Lichtenstein, the USA and France.

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