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Petra Lehmann


Lucerne artist Petra Lehmann combines different art forms in her paintings. She draws her creatures in pencil on paper, digitally colourises them and combines them with her own photographic backgrounds. She prints the resulting mystical and imaginative creatures on high-quality fabrics and brings them to life with LED lighting technology.

The result is stimulating and enchanting works full of fantasy that immerse the viewer in a world of visualising inner dreams. Harmonesie" is what Petra Lehmann calls her art - harmony paired with poetry. While harmony refers to the harmonious interplay of colours and shapes, Lehmann's poetry evokes an enchanting atmosphere that escapes everyday life.

The extraordinary composition of the paintings testifies to the creativity and innovative spirit of this passionate painter, whose life is as varied as her work. Influenced by her family, Petra Lehmann immersed herself as a child in artistic design and the play of words and writing. She will enchant visitors to the 25th Art International Zurich not only with her paintings, but also with the poetic words in her books of imaginative short stories.
Petra Lehmann is one of those unique talents on the art scene who creatively and imaginatively uses all her visions and possibilities to free the mind and soul. A wonderful symphony and harmony in pictorial form is created.