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Switzerland / Hungary

Laprokay was born and raised in Hungary. Over the past 25 years, she has developed a very unique style of painting. The painter has an affinity with both Cubism and Photorealism, which she skilfully combines in her works.
Her paintings are characterised by figures or scenes, shapes and colours. The lines she incorporates into her paintings are particularly striking and make her work unmistakable. They have become her trademark.

Laprokay's passion is the portrayal of people, sometimes in humorous, sometimes in serene scenes. She also creates portraits that capture personality and character and bring them to life on canvas. Laprokay is constantly evolving and experimenting with new techniques. She is known for her willingness to experiment and her ability to create something unique. Her work is a testament to her creativity and talent.
Her paintings are a tribute to the beauty and diversity of the world and show that art is a universal language that connects people.

About WÜHRE13

« Completely relaxed, the violinist enjoys the well-deserved applause of her audience. The violin concerto is still echoing in her head and she is happy with her performance. Gently and gratefully, she embraces the instrument that has made these magical moments possible.
The concert took place in the open air above the rooftops of Zurich. So the musician had not only the audience on the terrace, but also the residents and passers-by between Münsterhof and Weinplatz. The Fraumünster, the Grossmünster, embedded in the beautiful old town of Zurich, the Limmat with all its bridges and footbridges as well as the hustle and bustle of the big city provided a wonderful setting for the musical performance. »

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