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Galerie Kunstzürichsüd


kunstzürichsüd is an independent association that promotes artistic creation in the south of Zurich, encourages collaboration and organises joint exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Over 90 artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance and installation are members of the association. They impressively demonstrate the broad spectrum of contemporary art from the south of Zurich.
In order to create a permanent presence in public space and to make visual art visible and accessible to a broad public, the association runs its own gallery at Zürichstrasse 1 in Adliswil, where exhibitions and art aperitifs are held on a monthly basis.
There is also a studio community with its own studio space and an open course programme. The association offers a platform to meet like-minded people, exchange experiences and ideas, inspire each other and create something new.

At the 2023 show the following artists will be presented:
Martin Bachmann, Markus Bhend, Joel Brandenberger, Alina Chorna, Walter Diem, Silke Dormann, Raymond Fein, (Beat Frutiger), Juyeon Gächter, Irene Gärtner, Wioletta Gancarz, Valerijana Krasniqi, Lu Kuznetsova, Carina Martins, Marianne Odok, Olesja Pop, Viktoria Rechsteiner, Roland Reinert, Sonja Riemer, Christa Ruoss-Haller, Vik Schroeder, Oliver Schweizer, Elena Terentieva, Bettina Marion Ulrich, Brigitte Wellinger

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