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Julia Kaiser

Liechtenstein / Bosnia

Julia Kaiser (born 1974) is a sculptor and painter. Her work is characterised by the joy of experimenting with different techniques and materials.
The exploration of colours and forms, of seemingly contradictory things and hidden unity reflects her artistic profile. Her sculptures and paintings exude power, playfulness and vibrancy. Each work has its own character. Sculpture, the creation of form and liveliness, has always had a special meaning for her. Light and heavy accents, raw and soft materials, life and the joy of it characterise her art.

Julia Kaiser attended the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, specialising in sculpture (Prof. Stipe Gavrici, ceramics and metal) and painting (Prof. Branko Popovic). In Switzerland, she deepened her sculptural work in stone and metal and led workshops at the Sculpture School in Müllheim in the canton of Thurgau.

As a sculptor and painter she is already known beyond the borders of her home country through numerous exhibitions in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In 2022, Julia Kaiser was awarded the honorary title of "Kulturrat" by the Vienna Artforum as a cultural ambassador for her commitment to art and culture.