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JW Fine Art Gallery

South Korea

The JW Fine Art Gallery (Seoul, Korea) opened in 2019. It presents various cultural trends to the public in rotating exhibitions, regularly showcasing new talent alongside exclusive artists.

The gallery is also known for its willingness to experiment, from unusual exhibitions with cool art products to pop-up events. This is what sets JW Fine Art Gallery apart from other galleries. By creating exhibition spaces with a fresh and bold layout instead of the usual exhibition mechanisms, the gallery has received a lot of positive feedback from its visitors.

JW FINE ART presents the following artists at ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2023:
Jo, Myung-Hee
Joo, Woon-Hang
Park, Jong-Sung


Artist Jo Myung-Hee (* 1954) is a graduate of the Postgraduate Programme in Contemporary Art at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University. She has made a name for herself through numerous solo and group exhibitions. The artist prefers lines that flow naturally from the brush and believes that these lines symbolise freedom. She also strives to remain true to her work.
Jo, Myung-Hee's drawings are sometimes very emotional and are often completed by personal memories and experiences mixed with different colours and shapes. In this moment of inspiration, she does her best to capture the truth in a line that lives on emotion. She loves drawing techniques and is drawn to lines that come from the heart.


After graduating from the Department of Art Education at Gyeongin National University of Education, Joo, Woon-Hang (* 1953) worked as a painter and director of the Busan International Art Fair. He has held more than 20 solo exhibitions and 24 group exhibitions, as well as some 37 exhibitions abroad.
The main theme of his work is "Conscious Energy". Brain research and quantum mechanics attempt to explain the origin of human consciousness. The Cheonbugyeong, for example, is a bible of the Daejonggyo. These are all important motifs for Joo, Woon-Hang. He has long been concerned with the question of what consciousness energy is and how it can be visualised. In his view, the human being is a kind of small universe in which the whole world exists.


Artist Park, Jong-Sung (* 1954) focuses on the earth as the source of life and expresses this in his paintings. After graduating from Seoul National University of Science and Technology, he participated in the Korea-China-Japan Invited Artist Exhibition in Shanghai, China, the Peace Art Festival in Nagoya, Japan, and numerous group exhibitions, including the Peace Art Festival at the Seoul Arts Center. He has also had over 12 solo exhibitions.
He currently lives in Back Valley, Buamdong, Seoul, near the Blue House. He has set up his studio in an old farmhouse and lives in the midst of nature. Although Park Jong-Sung lives as an artist, he is really just someone who knows how to deal with the nature around him. This ability has allowed him to discover the true colours of the earth.