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Sandy Iseli

Switzerland / USA

Sandy Iseli (Wil SG, Switzerland) grew up in Las Vegas and studied at the University of New Mexico and the School of Interior Design in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was a gallery owner at Lake Constance until 2018, when she left to devote more time to painting.

Sandy Iseli paints with passion. Her acrylic paintings are mostly directly inspired by nature and show landscapes, flowers, grasses and reeds in various styles and degrees of execution. The nature paintings invite you to linger, to consciously see and enjoy. Sandy Iseli's paintings have a high recognition value, even with different subjects and styles they show a clear line. She achieves this with a high level of craftsmanship.

« My inspiration comes from nature: grasses, trees, flowers, water, sky and earth are seen in my paintings. I love bright colors and paint with acrylics on canvas. My wish is to raise the awareness of the viewers with my paintings so that they can really see and feel and celebrate the endless beauty of nature and use this awareness to help save our environment. »
- Sandy Iseli