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Halde Galerie


The Halde Gallery (Widen, Switzerland) has over 20 years of experience in the representation of emerging and established Canadian artists on the Mutschellen. The art programme includes contemporary works that delight the eye and the soul in the classic sense. At the Halde Gallery, it is easy to lose yourself in a world of colour and form and let your mind wander.

At ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2023, the Galerie Halde will be showing works by the following artists:
Evelyne Brader-Frank
Kimberly Kiel
Angela Morgan
Alice Teichert
Heidi Thompson

Gallery artists:
Alice Teichert / Amanda Burke / Angela Morgan / Ann Thinghuus / Catherine Mills / Emily Bickell / Evelyne Brader-Frank / Heidi Thompson / Kelly O'Neal / Kimberly Kiel / Laurie Steen / Leya Evelyn / Rachelle Kearns / Richard Cole / Samantha Sandbrook / Sonja Kobrehel / Sylvain Roberge / Tanya Kirouac / Tim Nowlin


Evelyne Brader-Frank is a sculptor. She is concerned with the sculptural representation of the beauty and aesthetics of the human form. Inspired by classical sculpture, she abstracts, reduces and idealises the human body, creating figures of dynamic elegance, sometimes with a touch of subtle sass. Her sculptures are a celebration of life.
In her search for the ideal sculptural medium, she discovered soapstone. It allows her to be completely inspired by the raw material. In 1994 Evelyne left Switzerland and moved to Edmonton, Canada. There she deepened her work, developing new techniques and using materials such as metal, cement and even ice and snow. She quickly established herself in the local art scene with her striking sculptures. She now lives and works in Switzerland again.


Kimberly Kiel lives and works in Calgary, Canada. Renowned artists have supported and guided her along her artistic journey. She came to painting through music and dance. Her immediate environment serves as a source of inspiration.
She skilfully brings landscapes, flowers and figures onto the canvas with bold strokes of colour. The painting process develops directly on the canvas, the figures seem to move through the complexity of the paint.


Angela Morgan studied art at the University of Calgary and lives and works in Bernie, Canada. Angela uses intense, vibrant colours applied to canvas with a brushstroke that is both textured and bold.
Her paintings depict the realities of our lives. She expresses them with a keen sense of observation and the art of capturing those moments: women with hats, glasses and handbags, reflecting the celebration of dancing, the melancholy of late summer, the preparations for a party or a summer picnic.


Alice Teichert studied art, philosophy and literature and lives in Canada. Alice Teichert's paintings are known for their infinite depth, unique luminosity and proximity to music. Lines, shapes and colours combine to create images that are easy to understand at first glance. However, upon closer inspection and contemplation, a multi-layered world unfolds.
Alice applies several layers that reinforce each other. She creates the inner glow of the colours by applying a transparent layer of glaze that allows light to pass through, which in turn is reflected by the layer of paint underneath. She uses this classic technique to create highly modern and unique compositions.


Heidi Thompson lives and works in Vernon. She studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich, the Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste in Nuremberg and the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. Inspired by the colour virtuosity of a Kandinsky, the serenity of a Rothko, and the chaotic lines of a Pollock, Heidi has developed her own distinctive style of painting.
Her abstractions are an exploration of matter, energy and the interplay of colour. Heidi's choice of colour is very instinctive. Her paintings are reminiscent of corroded metal. However, it is not the oxidation of the material but the tension between colour, structure, texture and form that captivates the viewer.