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f/two artroom reber


«Colours of Nature»
With works by Romy Pfeifer, f/two and Patrick Rapp

At the stand of f/two artroom reber (CH-Arlesheim), works by Stuttgart-based photographer Romy Pfeifer will be shown in combination with works by Basel-based photography duo f/two. Also on show will be works by Basel-based wood artist Patrick Rapp, which combine in a surprising way with the photographs to form a harmonious whole.
The exhibition focuses on abstract landscape photography. The combination of different approaches by different artists, as well as the use of different materials (Hahnemühle paper, Alu-Dibond, canvas, acrylic glass), allows a new view of what is already present in nature.

Through the abstraction achieved through various photographic techniques, the images move away from what is actually depicted, but at the same time intensify the view of the now slightly alienated representation of nature, which is revealed anew above all through an irrepressible play of colour. The confrontation is thus primarily with the colours and forms of the landscape, which transports the view of our surroundings into other spheres.

Artists of Art International Zurich 2023:
- f/two (Nicole und Karl Reber)
- Romy Pfeifer
- Patrick Rapp


As a team, Nicole and Karl Reber (f/two) share the fascination of translating nature and landscape into the medium of photography. The search for an exciting motif, its staging and capturing with the camera is what drives the artists. Discovering together the shapes and colours hidden millions of times over on our planet gives them satisfaction and inner peace. As a team, they choose their motifs together, but as individualists, each represents his or her own point of view, each staging the motif differently.

It is in the tension between these different stagings that the artist duo find new inspiration and creativity. The critical dialogue is an essential motor in the constant process of development. For them, photography is the central medium for capturing the forms and colours of nature. And although technology is an important part of photography, f/two do not use it to artificially alienate a subject. The works are emotional snapshots that make the boundless aesthetics of natural phenomena tangible, and thus can also influence the viewer's gaze.
Nicole and Karl Reber had their first experiences with photography in the analogue era. After a fulfilling professional life as art historians and archaeologists, they deepened their knowledge of digital photography in courses with landscape photographers Stefan Forster, Marco Bottigelli, Roberto Moiola, Jennifer Brühlmann and Thomas Wester, among others.
The works of f/two are emotional snapshots of nature and landscape, making it possible to experience the aesthetics of natural phenomena through deliberate abstraction.

In 2021 they founded the art space f/two reber in Arlesheim (BL), where their photographs are combined with works by other photographers and artists in curated thematic exhibitions. This creates an exciting exchange, a discourse, not only with the individual artists, but also through the use of different materials.

Romy Pfeifer

The photographer Romy Pfeifer works in a wide range of subjects. These range from landscape, animal, portrait and travel photography to experimental and abstract photography. She works with different shooting techniques and concepts. It is always important to her that her photographs evoke emotions in the viewer and never lose their authenticity.

With her abstract landscape photographs, the artist wants to capture light, colour and mood more intensely and give them more space. The images are more mysterious and more evocative than a real painting. Even inconspicuous places can become mystical in this way when the light is right.
The boundaries of reality and contours become blurred, leaving room for the viewer's imagination. It becomes clear that everything is in motion and constantly changing. You feel the vulnerability of nature. No moment can be recovered.

Patrick Rapp

Patrick Rapp, a trained carpenter, discovered the art of woodturning in 2006 and the infinite possibilities of transforming wood into artistic forms. Some of his objects are turned while still wet, allowing the wood to take on the final shape as it dries. In this way the wood becomes a co-designer and his objects become woodArt.
The colouring of the wood provides Patrick Rapp with further creative possibilities.

« Bei meinen Objekten gehe ich, durch eine schlichte Formgebung, auf das Holz ein, um so die Schönheit, die in jedem Stück liegt, zur Entfaltung zu bringen. Oft gibt es Überraschungen, gerade sogenannte Holzfehler machen ein Objekt zu einem besonderen Unikat. Jeder Baum hat auch seine Geschichte, die wir nicht kennen, die ich aber in einem Objekt sichtbar machen kann. Spannend finde ich es, bei nass fertig gedrechselten Objekten, dem Holz durch das Verziehen im Trocknungsprozess, die Endform zu überlassen. So wird das Holz zum Mitgestalter meiner Objekte - und meine Objekte zu holzArt. Besonders ist es für mich, wenn ich weiss, aus welcher Gegend das Holz meiner Objekte kommt - oder noch besser, wenn ich weiss, wo der Baum stand und ich den Ort auch kenne. Ich habe dann eine andere Verbindung zu einem Objekt. Durch das Drechseln habe ich viele wertvolle Bekanntschaften und Erfahrungen machen dürfen. Zahlreiche Messen und Ausstellungen bereicherten und bereichern mein Leben. » - Patrick Rapp