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Donegel' Chong

Switzerland / Malaysia

Swiss artist Donegel' Chong is originally from Malaysia and has a background in fashion design. He lives in the canton of Thurgau since 2018, where he started his artistic career.
Since then, Chong's original artwork has been exhibited in China, Germany, the UK, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. His work is also held in private collections in Norway, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand. The work "Antika Paisley" is part of the permanent collection of the museum kunst+wissen in Diessenhofen, Switzerland.

Donegel' Chong's works are biographical to varying degrees - they are mainly about his preferences. Chong usually works in cycles, most notably "Erika's Waggis", which uses the character "Waggis" to tell episodes from his life.

Using what he calls "Kurrrlys", "Donegel" Chong has developed his own style of painting. Since 2018, he has been using this technique continuously and with varying intensity.

« I am what I am, what I do is me and that is where I came. I want to be free to create what I want, mostly dealing with my personal experiences, my likes, like nots, wants, want nots, and they are with different extents biographical - My personal reflections of life. »
- Donegel' Chong

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