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Alexandra von Burg


Alexandra von Burg (Lugano, Switzerland) creates true masterpieces of abstract landscape painting, which fascinate with their expressive representation. The paintings tell stories and transport the viewer to a world of vastness and beauty. The Nordic influences are clearly evident in the works, giving them a special atmosphere.

The paintings are characterised by an impressive play of cloud formations. The clouds seem to dance across the canvases, giving the landscapes a dynamic and vibrant feel. The play of clouds creates a unique atmosphere that transports the viewer into a world of fantasy and dreams. For the artist, the combination of colour and form is at the heart of her painting. She skilfully plays with different nuances and contrasts to create a harmonious composition. The colours are vibrant and radiate an extraordinary energy, while the shapes emphasise the natural beauty of the landscapes.

For Alexandra von Burg, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This connection is reflected in every brushstroke. The works radiate a deep harmony and infectious joie de vivre. The abstract landscapes are a source of inspiration and invite the viewer to dive into a world full of colours, shapes and emotions. Alexandra von Burg's artwork is a true feast for the senses. They allow us to experience the beauty of nature in a new and exciting way.

Alexandra von Burg is active in the Ticino art scene, organising exhibitions and events, and believes in making a positive contribution to society through art. In addition to painting, she is a passionate muralist with extensive experience in the design of public and private buildings. With creativity and craftsmanship she creates durable and impressive murals.

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