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Art Momentum


The Art Momentum Gallery (Biel/Bienne) represents numerous artists, most of them Swiss. In addition to its location in the centre of Biel/Bienne, it presents exhibitions in innovative, sometimes unexpected places in the surrounding area. In this way, it makes art accessible outside the city and opens up new perspectives on artistic positions. By presenting art in unconventional places, the relationship between art and space is explored anew. This offers the opportunity to see artworks in a new light and to create new art experiences.
Art Momentum presents works by Roland Adatte, Schang Hutter and Saemulanz.

Roland Adatte and Schang Hutter

Roland Adatte (*1951) is often described as a "master of vessels". For years Adatte has managed to breathe life into his vessels, instinctively confirming that for him there is no escape from life in art and for art. His works look like graceful ladies or tough loners, like innocent little children or distant hermits. Adatte is a master of "edges", he manages to make them almost invisible and yet visible. Harmonious shapes and colours are his passion and give identity to the vessels presented on top of each other and side by side.

As an artist, Schang Hutter (1934 - 2021) was always aware that form, beauty and aesthetics always belong to art in some form, even if he created St Vitus dancers instead of beautiful women. The sculptor's aim was not to reproduce a natural form, but to make a statement with his figures. "More less" is one of his most important themes, visible in the expression of his figures, but also in his life and being. It is a motto that moved Hutter and still moves many people today.


saemulanz (*1953) lives and works in Switzerland and France. His photographic works are digital adaptations and overlays of his own images. With his fine art prints, saemulanz opens up blue dream spaces. The monochrome works are presented with colour pigments on paper behind museum glass or as original fine art prints on canvas. The series "le bleu de la nuit" is an intense homage to art history and the colour blue. saemulanz has taken on the challenge of capturing the abstract concept of blue in visually appealing and profound photographs. His works invite the viewer to grasp the emotional and symbolic dimension of this colour. The artist creates motifs and compositions that evoke famous works of art and artists. From soothing pastels to vibrant and luminous blues, the works offer a wide range of visual experiences, with each image telling a story.