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Haiting Tang


The painter Haiting Tang was born in Inner Mongolia in 1974. Her parents were originally from Shanghai, where her father was an actor and her mother a nurse. During the Cultural Revolution, the government moved them to Inner Mongolia. Haiting spent her entire school years there. She graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and taught at the Tianjin University of Science & Technology School of Art from 1998 while pursuing a master's degree at the Beijing Fashion Institute. From 2010, she was a visiting scholar at the Center Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Professor Luo Shiping, researching the art of China's Han and Tang dynasties. Haiting Tang worked at Tianjin University for more than 20 years as an associate professor and director of master's programmes. In 2018, she settled to Switzerland and focused on her professional artistic career. Her colourful paintings are of extraordinary power and depth.

« I was an Ancient Professor at Art department of University in Tianjin China. All art works it reflected what I had envisioned exactly in my mind. I paint as if accidental traces were purposefully arranged. My art works express the heighten state of consciousness in my image. »
- Haiting Tang