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SHOWROOM - Here everything's like nothing else...
Based in Zurich, Switzerland SHOWROOM aims to promote emerging and independent artists, artisans, designers and manufacturers from around the world providing the context to support creativity whether manifested in the form of art, lifestyle objects, or ideas. Sometimes stepping outside the zone of practicality, SHOWROOM provides an opportunity for you to find the key pieces to make your immediate surroundings more versatile, attractive and as unique and individual as you are.

Showroom presents the famous Polish painter and filmmaker Jan January Janczak besides the renowned glass designer František Jungvirt at the 24th ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH.


Jan January Janczak (born 1938, Sroda, Poland) studied painting, graphics and film in Krakow. After his studies, he gained international fame in the 1960s and 70s for his animated films. His auteur films were shown at renowned film festivals and won awards, for example in Cannes, Cork and Huesca. These successes also brought his painting into the limelight. Study visits abroad, including Switzerland, and exhibitions throughout Europe, the USA and Japan followed.
In 1972 Janczak received a professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. In 1981 he settled in Switzerland with his family. In 1985 he spent a longer period of study in the USA, whereupon he was granted honorary citizenship in Houston, Texas. In the 1990s, the artist moved to Hong Kong in the Asian cultural region. It was here that he created his cycle "In Our Gardens".

At the age of 70, Jan January Janczak was honoured with the "Flame of Peace". This prize is awarded for services to international understanding and commitment to peace.
Commissions in the field of "art in buildings" such as the design of stained glass windows for the Cantonal Psychiatric Hospital in Wil, religious works for churches such as St. Anna in Glattbrugg or Zum Guten Hirten in Lustenau (Austria) as well as bronze sculptures for the Konsthall Landskrona (Sweden) bear witness to his reputation.

The artist, who at the age of 84 can look back on several high points and turning points in his multifaceted artistic life, is still full of creative drive. The pivotal point of his multifaceted oeuvre is the human being and being human - the confrontation with the unconscious, existential questions and his responsibility.


František Jungvirt (born in 1996) is a young artist who specialises in working with glass. Jungvirt is a glass designer and painter living in Prague, Czech Republic. After graduating from the Třeboň School of Art, František continued his talent and passion for glass while working for international studios and world-renowned luxury glass brands such as Moser and Preciosa.

Today, František's work encompasses a variety of projects ranging from artistic direction to glass design. Whether designing everyday products, gallery pieces or site-specific artworks, he is constantly working to perfect his unique style as an artist. Strongly rooted in the most traditional techniques of Czech glassmaking, František brings new perspectives and contemporary trends to his work, pushing the technical and visual boundaries of glass design.
František Jungvirt has held several exhibitions and received numerous awards. He is an active member of artist platforms such as the Michelangelo Foundation and Northlands Creative.

« I like to move between design and fine art in my work. While glass is an exceptional material full of possibilities, it takes love, humility, and patience to work with it. Transforming ideas into emotions is a privilege, but it is also a responsibility–one must be innovative while still honoring traditional glassmaking technics. I've learned to take my time when creating. I research, try, sketch, model, and remodel countless times before I arrive at a result that I am truly happy with. While skill is always necessary, integrity is truly key in the process. » - František Jungvirt