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Jean-François Réveillard


Multimedia artist Jean-François Réveillard (JfR) has created a complete virtual world, a metaverse with avatars and mixed reality artworks and NFT works for his philosophical art.

During the Lockdown, many felt cut off from the world, only a few creatives withstood it like islands and proposed new ways of looking at the world - haute couture being one of them. Jean-François Réveillard is convinced that haute couture as an island in turbulent times can contribute to a new way of seeing and understanding the course of the world.

After his philosophical-existentialist performance series (Zurich 2015-2021), and a performative excursion into the world of dancing avatars (Basel 2022), the video art avant-gardist shows himself in top form and presents his new cross-media installation FASHION LANDSCAPE at ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH. He uses not only video clips, but also fabrics and 3D printing in a form that brings together fashion and nature in a reflection on consumption and new media.

Enjoy the show!

« I'm a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes … it's about all kind of change. »
- Karl Lagerfeld