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Sandy Iseli


Sandy Iseli grew up in Las Vegas and studied at the University of New Mexico. She moved to Switzerland for love, while her love of beautiful objects and artwork was turned professional at an interior design school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sandy Iseli gave up her art gallery on Lake Constance in 2018 to devote more time to painting.
Sandy Iseli owes her inspirations to nature, and so the preservation of our environment is also close to her heart. Iseli's paintings reflect the beauty of nature, its colours, and shapes. She invites us to linger, to consciously see and enjoy. Sandy Iseli paints with dedication acrylics and mixed media on canvas. Further series of nature paintings are in progress.

« My inspiration comes from nature: grasses, trees, flowers, water, sky, and earth appear in my paintings. I love dazzling colours and paint with acrylics on canvas. My desire is to bring viewers of my paintings closer to the beauty of the world, to see and experience it more consciously and to celebrate the diversity of nature. »
- Sandy Iseli