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Exit Art Amsterdam


ExitArtAmsterdam opened its doors as a pop-up gallery during the recession of 2008. Since then, it has realised its unique approach as "a gallery for artists, not for profit". The importance of providing a platform for artists to exhibit and show their work in difficult times was demonstrated once again during the Covid pandemic.

Artists need a place where they can express their ideas and creativity and share their thoughts with others. The sense of community among the artists of ExitArtAmsterdam strengthens and inspires each other. They are emerging artists, full of energy, creative and innovative, who want to shine. In Zurich, Silvia Strobos, Pamela Maria, Kika Notten, Arno Hoogland and Hetty Huisman will present their works.


Arno Hoogland is an Amsterdam-based product designer and interior architect. With a background in design and woodworking, he combines modern production techniques with traditional craftsmanship and model making. Experimenting with movement, light, form and texture, his work explores human behaviour in spaces and towards objects.
His work provokes sensory interaction to make people aware of their habits while renewing their attention to their surroundings.


Hetty Huisman's sculptures fascinate through both their form and their materials. Her sculptures have an extraordinary personal style that is recognisable in their extremely smooth surfaces and the combination of curves and sharp lines.
Huisman represents reality through simplicity and minimalism. Her zinc sculptures depict abstract forms with strong lines. They are made from zinc roofing material that has been specially developed to withstand all weather conditions. Hetty Huisman is also the founder of the gallery ExitArtAmsterdam, a unique platform for artists.


Paméla Maria lives and works in Amsterdam. She makes collages and reliefs with different materials and techniques such as photography, paint and yarn. The beauty of the Dutch landscape is an important source of inspiration for her. In this tradition she explores the relationship between nature and abstraction.
Zooming in on the infinite richness of patterns, textures, shades of colour and light, she captures details in the (urban) landscape with her camera. The yarn picks up details, directs the eye and adds a third dimension. The use of colours and detailed textures is characteristic of the translation of reality and determines the character of the work.


Kika Notten studied art history at the University of Leiden. After her studies and after working for several years in a museum and an architectural office, she decided to follow her heart. She studied in various studios under the guidance of experienced teachers in different disciplines and thus developed as an artist.
Kika Notten became an expert in egg tempera painting, a technique with as many possibilities as limitations. The process of painting is slow, working with egg tempera requires patience. The paintings are built up with endless soft strokes and transparent layers of paint. Due to her unconventional way of working, this technique surprises her constantly.


Silvia Strobos is a Dutch artist who has lived and worked in Switzerland since 1998. After attending the School of Design and Communication, she did her Master's in History of Art and Science at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In Switzerland, she decided to deepen her artistic skills in a more practical way and took intensive art lessons with various teachers for years.
The main theme of her work is PEOPLE and the different ways in which people are connected. Her paintings are joyful and very colourful. It is a quest to visualise human interaction using colour and canvas as a medium.