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Donegel' Chong


Donegel' Chong, originally from Malaysia and a Swiss citizen, has been based in Aadorf, Thurgau since 2018. His art career began in 2018, after a serious illness. Since then, Chong's original artworks have already been presented in China, Germany, the UK, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland.
His paintings are also in private collections in Spain and Thailand. While studying at the Catholic Junior College Singapore, Donegel' Chong spontaneously entered an art competition organised by the Ministry of Culture in 1993. It was here that he received his first public recognition with a merit award. In 2019, Donegel' Chong won the first prize for Special Painting at the K:UNST Prize, Blue Harmony ("I want I want not: Wisdom"); and in 2021, his painting 'ICON: Cruci-fiction of Bacon' was selected for the London Art Biennale Prize.
Donegel 'Chong does not want to limit himself to what he creates. His artworks are biographical to varying degrees - they are mainly concerned with his preferences: what he likes, what he doesn't like, what he wants and what he doesn't want. Chong calls it "personal reflections of life". Donegel' Chong has developed his very own style of painting, with brushstrokes he calls "kurrrlys" or "emotional release brushstrokes".
Since 2018, he has continuously used this technique in varying degrees of intensity. Donegel' Chong is inspired by Francis Bacon and Yayoi Kusama, Cy Twombly and Egon Schiele.

Statement on Erika's Waggis:
« Erika's Waggis is a cycle of short story about my life and surroundings. Why Erika? Erika Siegler is my neighbour who is originally from Basel. She gave me two self-knitted Waggis dolls for Christmas 2017. They inspired me to tell stories about my life and surroundings through the character Waggis. I am also very surprised that although Waggis belong to Switzerland, they are not really known outside of Basel. That's why, as a Swiss by choice, I'm taking on the task of making Waggis better known internationally. Erika's Waggis Volume 1 is about "Loss and Recovery". Erika's Waggis Volume 2 is about self-realisation. From volume 2 onwards, all protagonists (Waggis dolls) will be knitted by Erika according to my specifications. The plan is to have 10 volumes in one book with a portrait of Erika Siegler. »
- Donegel' Chong

Statement on Feeding:
« FEEDING is a series of works inspired by the experience of feeding fish and other animals during my travels. What are the motives for feeding? Do they have parallels with humanity? These paintings are made entirely from my favourite brushstrokes, the "Kurrrlys". Depending on your individual life experiences, the paintings are either an explosion of energy or restless chaos. At the exhibition I will be presenting the continuation of my FEEDING series. In addition, I will show some of my other works. »
- Donegel' Chong